How Does a Tipster Work?

As a result of his injuries, Matthew McConaughey uses his skill to forecast the outcome of American football games at a professional tipster firm managed by Al Pacino. The movie portrays a misleading view of how sports forecasts work: not by some secret ability, but by mounds of data.

A tipper is a

A tipster is someone who offers information about the likely result of a sports event so that others might make winning bets. People with inside knowledge who whisper their advice to unsuspecting punters in dark alleys or other dangerous places. In today’s connected world, many tipsters provide their services online, frequently by subscription, sending betting advice via email or even an app.

Is a tipper an oddsmaker?

No way. Oddsmakers assist bookmakers anticipate the result of sports events. They have access to databases with precise statistics on every team, individual player, manager, and head coach. For each possible event, the likelihood is calculated using complicated mathematical algorithms, which bettors may then wager on at Betway. And, of course, make the odds appealing to both bettors and bookies.

In addition to having access to masses of data, oddsmaking demands a thorough knowledge of the sports.


It’s simple to predict the outcome of a match when the two teams involved are so different, as in the March 31 World Cup qualifier between Italy and Lithuania. Other times, things aren’t that easy – and many elements impact the result of a match.

In general, teams who play at home have an inherent advantage over those that play away from home. Other factors to consider are the quality of the grass, the time of day the game is played, the weather, the referees, recent injuries, and many more. And don’t overlook the risk that something unexpected occurs, resulting in unexpected outcomes (like Iceland beating England, the country that created soccer) in Euro 2016.

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