Big Name in Gambling Programs The Microgaming Group Achieves ISO 14001 Certification

Microgaming undoubtedly went above and beyond on World Environment Day 2020 to commemorate the occasion. On June 5th, the International Organization for Standardization 14001 certification audit was successfully completed, securing ISO 14001 accreditation for the premier casino software provider and industry pioneer.  The corporation is, needless to say, ecstatic with the results.

As its name suggests, the International Organisation for Standardisation is the preeminent global standards body. Many different international markets require ISO audits, and ISO accreditation is universally recognized as a must for success in any given business.


Microgaming, on World Environment Day, has passed an audit for ISO 14001 accreditation, which evaluates a company’s environmental performance. The evaluation is conducted using a specified set of standards and criteria. Criteria include whether or not the company has successfully implemented a general earth-friendly approach in its day-to-day activities; green-focused staff training; an environmentally friendly approach to waste management; guidelines relating to the reporting and ongoing monitoring of managed performance and compliance; and so on.


A Well-Deserving Business

Since the advent of online gambling, Microgaming has been an integral part of the casino business. The provider has been around since 1994, and in that time it has established itself as a stable and dependable component of the global online gaming market. Microgaming, however, is dedicated to excellence in more areas than just its software.


The casino industry giant has established itself as a responsible and eco-conscious employer by establishing a permanent job for an environmental and compliance officer. To argue that Microgaming isn’t willing to back up its claims with financial resources would be an understatement.


Investments in environmentally friendly electric bikes, annual bus passes to encourage employees to use (free) public transportation rather than driving their own cars to work, waste management systems with “smart bins,” and even the replacement of non-biodegradable takeout containers with earth-friendly alternatives are just a few examples of recent company investments in a greener way of doing business.


Microgaming’s chief executive officer, John Coleman, is justifiably ecstatic about the company’s progress toward its goal of conducting business in a way that not only benefits people and society but also protects the planet.


Coleman has just sent a sincere statement of congratulations to everyone of Microgaming’s staff, praising them for their efforts to protect the environment and the company’s subsequent achievement of the prestigious ISO accreditation as a result.


Coleman claims that the “people-first” philosophy that permeates Microgaming’s corporate culture serves as the “golden thread” that binds together the company’s many successes. In a talk about Microgaming’s PlayItForward program, Coleman emphasized that the company’s success over the past three decades is due, in the end, to its employees and customers. According to Coleman, Microgaming’s most significant asset is not the company’s technologies, money, or earnings, but rather its people.


A Preserved Heritage

Microgaming has always been concerned with conservation, and not just of natural resources. That issue is receiving renewed attention is, therefore, not unexpected. Since its beginning in 2014, the casino chain’s PlayItForward initiative has given away over $2.8 million to good causes.


The program helps fund a wide range of Island nonprofits and community development programs.

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